William Janz



William Janz (The Hague, June 5, 1974) showed at a young age that he was a musical talent. Early on he got guitar lessons from his grandfather. Little William liked playing the guitar, but… singing along, was even better!

In the early nineties, Julio Iglesias became his idol. So it wasn’t surprising that in 1996 William managed to reach the finals in Henny Huisman's Soundmixshow, one of the world’s first singing and impersonation competition shows on television. William also won several international talent shows, which resulted in many performances abroad.

William Janz still teaches economics in his daily life and tries to keep his work as a teacher, an artist, a husband and father of two sons. An ongoing challenge due to the growing succes as a performing artist.

William met with Riny Schreijenberg, the man who, among other things, discovered and managed one of The Netherlands biggest singers; Frans Bauer. A close alliance soon followed and a new strategy was determined. William Janz and his new team are ready to conquer the world. 

William, with years of stage experience, is ready for it! His first single “Door jou zie ik weer hoe mooi het leven is” could be seen as the start of a shiny career. His second single ‘Ik wil jou helemaal voor mij alleen‘ also rolled out of the studio, and was immediately embraced by Dutch radio DJs.

Riny Schreijenberg and Emile Hartkamp, ​​jointly responsible for the success of many international artists, including the most famous trumpet players in the world and no fewer than 40 Dutch artists, including Frans Bauer, Marianne Weber and Corry Konings, entered into a renewed collaboration for William Janz. These successful hit writers have joined forces after 20 years with the result: 'Perdido' (lost). This multilingual single was released on the album 'WILLIAM JANZ ZINGT JULIO IGLESIAS' and here you can also hear the all-Spanish version. In addition, 'Perdido' has also been released multilingually on all digital platforms.

William Janz performed his first major concert in the Netherlands on April 25, 2022 (at the AFAS Circus Theatre in Scheveningen), during which he also presented his new album: 'WILLIAM JANZ ZINGT JULIO IGLESIAS'. During this show, accompanied by the Micky Fisser Band, William performed his beautiful new single 'Perdido' (Verloren).

This first show by William Janz has already brought great success and William and his team are working hard on new projects in the Netherlands and all Spanish-speaking countries.

For example, several leading global Pride Festivals signed William as their main performer. As a follow-up to his successful performance as the main artist during Sitges Pride (Spain) in June 2022 for roughly forty thousand visitors.

Pre-COVID William achieved great success on the Spanish TV show and ratings hit Got Talent - España. Following on from this success, William also received an application to soon feature Julio Iglesias in America Got Talent. In short, William Janz and his team are looking forward to all the new successes, at home and abroad!